Journal of the International Aroid Society, Inc.
Volume 37, Number 1 (2014); Pages 95-104
A Review of Anthurium Species with ‘‘Black’’ Spathes
By Thomas B. Croat     (Buy)


Species with dark purple-black spathes have been found in several sections, sect. Belolonchium, Calomystrium, Pachyneurium and Polyneurium. Thus the character of a blackish spathe is plesiomorphic. The distribution of species with purple-black spathes is centered on Colombia and Panama. A review of the known species with purplish black spathes is presented and one new species, Anthurium bantanum Croat & J. Deal is proposed. Species with purple-black spathes are A. atramentarium Croat & Oberle, A. bantanum Croat & J. Deal from Antioquia, A. cabrerense Engl, from the Cordillera Central, A. caramantae Engl. from both the Cordillera Occidentale and the Cordillera Central, A. cupreonitens Engl. in Norte de Santander Department in the Cordillera Oriental, A. flavolineatum Sodiro from southern Colombia to Ecuador and A. watermaliense L. H. Bailey & Nash in L. H. Bailey which ranges from Costa Rica to Panama.


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