Is the DC-120 the Best Thing Since Sliced Bread?


This is an effect of a dead pixel on the imaging chip - the white spot on the stem does not really exist. This camera will go back to Kodak for fixes...


Reducing the photo by by 33% gets rid of the blemish. Luckily this is the typical reduction I apply anyway to most of the photos.

How conveeenient...


I am also not exactly happy about the handling of photos with high contrasts and shadows. This is an example where the shadows are really too dark. Also, only the reduction to 33% helps to hide some other nasties (see the photo on the right)


This is a snippet of the sky reflection in the window, shown at the original, not reduced scale. THe sky is somewhat grungy, instead of being smooth as it should be. Note that the vertical lines are the blinds in the window; what I am complaining about is the granularity of the blues.

This photo has not been post processed in any manner.

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