Aroid Close-ups With Kodak DC-120


Quality of the image stored in the camera

Low quality. This fits 20 photos in memory. Note the rather bad aliasing at the left edge of the stem and fuzziness in the middle. Image size: 22.8kB.

Medium quality. This fits 12 photos in the memory. The aliasing is still there, but not as severe. I take most of my photos at this quality level. Image size: 26.7kB.

High quality, fits 7 photos in memory. Somewhat better, but not that much. Image size: 26.7kB.

Lossless - clearly best of all of them, but fits only 2 photos in memory. I would use it only for photos to be shown in full size. Image size: 28.4kB.

Another page shows much larger portions of the same photos after they have been reduced to 33% of the original size and compressed to a JPEG that has 50% quality retention factor (most of the photos on my pages are at 45-50%).

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