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Amorphophallus titanum

by James R. Thompson

Titan Update July 19, 2004

Height: 61 inches (155 cm)

July 19, 2004 Height: 61" 155 cm
July 18, 2004 The Titan gets a special visit.
What an incredible weekend! As you've heard by know, the Titan opened two days ahead of schedule. I was so relieved to find it still doing its thing this morning. I was afraid our horticulture staff would miss out.

The opening began at 3 pm on Friday afternoon and by 8 o'clock was almost fully open. This Titan didn't have near the potent fragrance as some of the Fairchild blooms have had, but it was still noticeable. The fragrance was most noticeable Saturday morning, but because there was a steady breeze, it was quickly diluted. Sunday there was very little fragrance, and you would be surprised how many people were disappointed they couldn't smell "a rotting corpse'".

Titan Flowers
July 17, 2004 Titan in full Bloom
DID YOU KNOW: The Titan Arum is actually male and female. At the base of it large spire-like spadix is a 2 inch band of male flowers, and just below the male flowers is a band of female flowers. There can be as many as 700 female flowers and up to 50,000 male flowers.
July 16, 2004 3 PM
July 16, 2004 4 PM
July 16, 2004 5 PM
July 16, 2004 7 PM

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