Joep Moonen

97356 MONTSINERY, Guyane,

Phone: 011-594-694 299 636

Meconostigmalogist and operator of Emerald Jungle Village

Joep Moonen (1946) comes from the Netherlands. He was raised in the town of Utrecht, where was a big herbarium and still is a botanical gardens with greenhouses. Joep was a naturalist since childhood. His interest in aroids started when his mother bought a Monstera deliciosa. In 1973 Joep moved to Suriname, what was still a Dutch colony, and a paradise for naturalists. He became director of the Paramaribo Zoo, making many expeditions to the interior, in search of plants and animals. In 1976 he met Hans and Julius Boos in Trinidad. They remained naturalist friends for life. Hans then was director of the Trinidad Zoo. In 1990 Joep started an ecolodge, Emerald Jungle Village, in French Guiana, between Suriname and the Brazilian state of Amapa. In 1993 Dr. Scott Mori of NYBG brought with him Dr. Tom Croat in another expedition to central French Guiana. Since they met, Joep and Dr. Croat have done a lot of work on the Aroids of French Guiana. Joep's membership of the IAS started in the 1990's. He did several presentations for the IAS in Miami, and in Missouri. He supports the IAS the way the society is managed, and he hopes he can contribute to the future trail it goes.