An index of past newsletters is available here. Note that only members with a password may access the actual PDF archives. Anyone may take a look at the index.


The IAS newsletter is an electronic quarterly, usually published in late March, June, August and December, and back issues are available online to IAS members.

Newsletter deadlines are as follows:

  • March Newsletter: February 14th
  • June Newsletter: May 15th
  • August Newsletter: July 15th
  • December Newsletter: November 15th

Carla Kostelac is the newsletter editor, and all submissions should be sent to her. Enid Offolter is assisting in the acquisition of new articles.

All new ideas and articles are always welcome! Please send us notes on research projects, methods for growing Aroids, collecting trips, recipes using Aroids, stories, news, book reviews, awards fellow Aroiders have won, recent Aroid literature of interest to you, useful websites, upcoming events and conference announcements, and artwork (line drawings) and photos.

Consider helping with an article for the newsletter or even just providing a suggestion for a topic you'd like to learn more about. I'm always interested to hear about your ideas so please don't hesitate to contact me with contributions. Send any contributions to my e-mail as Microsoft Word documents or, for image files, jpeg format is preferred.


When submitting material to IAS publications, please realize that the resolution of the photos embedded in Word documents is often not suitable for publishing as individual figures. Though they may look okay in the document, the individual elements can be just thumbnail size or adhered together into a small number of plates. In the past, these articles have been dealt with despite their complexity.

As of now, we can only accept separate high resolution photos in addition to the Word document, in JPEG or TIFF format. Other articles with embedded photos will be returned to the authors. Many thanks for your help in this matter and thank you for supporting the IAS Newsletter.

- Carla Kostelac, Editor


There are 2 sample IAS newsletters online. Current newsletters are sent to all members.

Volume 30, Number 3

August, 2008
Volume 31, Number 2

June, 2009