Marco Busse


My day job as a Director of Development for a hi-tech video game company seems quite remote from the world of plants. But as a child growing up in Chicago, and starting in my formative years (countless hours of which were spent with my mother in her garden), Iíve always had a fascination for them. Upon moving to Florida and into a more subtropical climate back in the 90ís, I was excited to find I could experiment with a lot of new and interesting varieties that I hadnít been able to easily grow (at least outside) before. I began with tropical clumping Bamboo, but quickly found myself drawn to the Araceae family, and specifically some of itís more pungent members - the Amorphophallus. Through trials and tribulations, my collection of aroids has continued to grow in breadth - from Alocasias to Zantedeschias - as my "hobby" has become more consuming with every passing year. I stubbornly continue to zone push, experimenting to find out just what can make my small patch of Central Florida pine forest a home, all the while attempting to slowly convert it into a mini "tropical jungle" filled with aroids great and small.