Don Bittel


I have been a member of the Aroid Society for almost 30 years, and have been to almost all of the shows as well. I usually just serve plantains at the banquet, but would like to volunteer for a greater role on the IAS Board. I grow mostly tropical aroids, as a hobby, concentrating on Anthurium and Philodendron. As for tuberous aroids, the Dracontium grow better for me than Amorphophallus. And the flowers don't smell as bad either. I have grown many Alocasia, but few have survived a long time. I also have a large palm collection, which gives shade to the many aroids. I also grow many different aralias, mostly in the Polyscias genus. I am married, (26 years), have 2 children, who are both recent college grads. I am a self-employed carpenter and cabinetmaker. I also volunteer for the Palm Beach Palm & Cycad Society, and a local Boy Scout chapter. As treasurer of these groups, I set up both of them as 501c3 charities for fundraising purposes.
Thank you.