David Scherberich

Website: http://www.aroidpictures.fr/

As a conspicuous element of the tropical landscape, I have always appraised aroids as a symbol of exotism, but my interest became stronger as I started collaborating with the Nancy Botanical Garden on the development and valorization of the aroid collection in 1998. I have been travelling and collecting aroids since then in South America, Africa, Europe and Asia, and participated in both last expeditions with Tom Croat in Ecuador and Colombia. I now work in the Lyon Botanical Garden as curator of the tropical collections, including the aroid collection, temperate as well as tropical, which comprises about 950 living accessions and has been recognized as National Collection. On my spare time, I have been running since 1998, a website on aroid pictures named aroidpictures at http://www.aroidpictures.fr/ .