Erik van Zuilekom

Melbourne, Australia


I am a living architecture designer, consultant, plant collector (including vertical gardens, green facade, roof garden technologies) and plant researcher working as a botanist/environmentalist, developing sustainable and resilient vertical garden ecologies by utilizing plants as living technologies. I conduct this work to address architectural and urban planning/climate change challenges. All my design work is based on habitat studies, maximizing epiphytic/lithophytic ecological functioning and assessment as constituent components in developing ecologies attached to, and integrated with, architecture, notably for large-scale installations offering city-wide impacts. My job is to research natural habitats globally, extract ecological technologies and translate them into design techniques to assist architectural and urban planning for future works. Part of this endeavour is to record and publish research to develop the living architecture industry as a whole. I work with universities, government bodies & plant collectors from a wide range of industries in order to access and research habitats and botanical technologies. Aroids are a vital part of this equation.