Daryl Venables

Website: https://tezulaplants.com/

Daryl Venables, a horticulture enthusiast from Africa, began his journey with plants at a young age, growing orchids after a visit to a show at just seven years old. His passion for horticulture blossomed as he expanded his nursery, specializing in orchids, palms, and ferns. Daryl's achievements include winning international awards and becoming a lecturer on orchids at a remarkably young age.

Facing political upheaval in Africa, he sought refuge in America, pursuing a career in insurance while nurturing his love for plants on the side. Eventually, he returned to horticulture full-time, focusing on breeding orchids and other exotic plants. Life threw challenges his way, but Daryl persevered, rebuilding his collection and discovering a newfound passion for aroids.

Through constant experimentation, Daryl continues to explore effective plant cultivation, emphasizing the importance of often overlooked fertilization.