Mr. Dylan Hannon

Huntington Botanical Gardens
1151 Oxford Rd.
San Marino CA 91118

Phone: 626.405.3561

Dylan began his lifelong interest in aroids by perusing pages in Exotica at about age 12. A few years later he met Mr. Lance Birk of Santa Barbara, CA, who at that time had a pair of Amorphophallus titanum he had collected in Sumatra. In addition to these Lance had also collected A. albispathus and A. haematospadix in Thailand, which are still in Dylan's collection today. At about the same time he met Dick Shelton and David Leedy, both of whom encouraged him to join the IAS, which he did in 1978. Dylan's first published article was in the IAS Newsletter of that year on propagating A. albispathus from leaflets. Since those early days he has maintained a strong interest in growing and learning about aroids and associating with like-minded people.

Dylan has worked for over 25 years in the botanical garden field, starting as a research assistant to Dr. Thomas B. Croat at Missouri Botanical Garden. The work with Tom was mainly focused on a revision of Anthurium Sect. Pachyneurium. Dylan spent nine years at Rancho Santa Ana Botanic Garden as Plant Propagator and has been Curator of Conservatory and Tropical Collections at The Huntington since 2003. In between these posts Dylan worked in the wholesale cactus business and for consulting firms as a field botanist. Currently he maintains a large collection of mainly geophytic plants and keeps busy with a developing mail order business, writing, photography and lectures.