Lester Kallus


I’m not a plant professional but have enjoyed growing various plants since I was a child. In the mid to late 1990s, I was trying to learn more about a couple “exotic” plants I was growing. (In retrospect, they were probably about as exotic as Alocasia macrorrhiza!) The relatively new internet led me to Aroid-L and consequently to the IAS. Here I began communicating with both experts and with neophytes like myself. The mutual goal of learning more about Aroids has helped me progress in this “hobby” – a hobby which has now become an allconsuming passion. I’ve met the experts. I’ve met the neophytes. The IAS has become a place where we can help each other understand the physiology of the plants, learn how to grow the plants and learn how we can squeeze yet more of them into our limited growing spaces. I’ve served with the Board of Governors in the past and am looking forward to serving with the Board again to help keep the IAS as informative and
helpful as it has been in the past.