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  [Aroid-l] Book on tubers ("chubas"!)
From: <ju-bo at msn.com> on 2010.01.01 at 15:50:26
Dear All=2C

Happy New Year to ALL of you ''out there''.

As many may know=2C part of my interests involve edible tubers (''chubas'' to me).
I was given a most interesting book=2C "Buried Treasures=2C Tasty Tubers of the World"=2C published by the Brooklyn Botanic Garden--region guides=2C ISBN #`s 13: 78-1-889538-34-1 and 10: 1-889538-34-5. =3B I believe my friend purchased it on e-bay.
Most interesting reading=2C though there were several errors in the I.D.`s on several photos.
There were several of our well-known edible aroids=2C the taros=2C eddoes=2C Xanthosomas (tannias)=2C Amorphophallus konjac=2C etc.=2C but some new edible aroids to me=2C Arisaema triphyllum and the Nepalese sp. A. tortuosum. =3B
 =3BIt also taught me that there is an edible form of Canna Lily (!)=2C that the giant banana Ensete ventricosum is used as food (not the fruit=2C but the cooked tender rhizome and stems!)=2C that common cat-tails are edible=2C and the greatest surprise was that the terrible weed Nut sedge (Cypreus esculentus) was a crop=2C and that the drink listed on the menu`s of nearby Mexican Taco resturants for the cold drink "horchata de chufa'' or ''rice water''=2C was made from this!!! =3B I WILL be sampling this very soon!
It did solve the riddle of the ID`s of several tubers I used to see for sale on the tables at the native markets in Ecuador. =3B I had assumed that most were just vars. of potatoes. =3B It turns out that they are not related to potatoes at all=2C many are ancient foods of the Incas!
There were also listing of sources in the USA where some of these rarer tubers could be purchased!
Anyhow=2C the Best to all my many friends on Aroid-l for 2010!

Good Growing
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