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  Edible Spathiphyllum Inflorescences?
From: "Jay Vannini" interbnk at terra.com.gt> on 2002.09.15 at 03:01:29(9416)
To continue along the avenue that Julius is exploring:

In Standley & Steyermark, "Flora of Guatemala" under the entry for the
wreasonably wretched Spathiphyllum phryniifolium - ahem:

"...The young inflorescences are often offered for sale in the markets of
Quezaltenango and elsewhere, but they are seldom served at the table of the
hotels in Guatemala, at least those frequented by tourists. They are
gathered after the spathes have opened, and are tied in bunched for sale. An
amusing tale is told with connection with this plant. Some years ago a North
American visiting Guatemala was served in some hotel with soup in which he
discovered what he took to be diminutive ears of corn. Upon his return to
the United States he reported the matter to the USDA. Because of the hope of
some day discovering the wild ancestor of corn, the Department was
interested and sent two men to Guatemala to investigate the plant.
Investigation revealed that the supposed corn consisted of the spadices of
*Spathiphyllum*, which bears a resemblance to much-reduced ears of maize."

Thus, fellow Americans, have our tax dollars been wisely spent by Tio Sam.

The highland Maya still chomp on Spath infls. as famine food, proving that
there is at least one good reason not turn a backpack sprayer filled with
Roundup on these damn' things ;>)


From: "Ron Iles" roniles at eircom.net> on 2002.09.15 at 10:52:17(9418)
Ahem - just got up, Sundam morn. Excuse me Signor Vannini! Roundup?
Potion of the Devil. Yes, yes,
feed the Highland Mayas (& probably later yourselves), keep the useless
jungle, please the wretched & tedious interfering conservationists.
Jungle fresh Big Mac Spathifodder & Spathifeelies by Interflora for that
randy occasion. In case you do spray Round-up by plane, I'll grow the Guats
in h(e)aven Ireland. Please do you have the fax number of the Highland

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