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  AOL subscribers mail problem
From: Steve Marak <samarak at gizmoworks.com> on 2004.11.10 at 15:53:44(12374)
Aroiders, this post is directed primarily at those of you using AOL.

As far as I can tell, once again, all Aroid-L subscribers who use AOL were
set to nomail by the list because it wasn't able to deliver mail to you.
(I've manually corrected the nomail setting so there's nothing you need to
do now. There were a few people who were completely removed from the list.
I'll correct those as I can find them, but I've already held list traffic
longer than I like.)

This happened once before - every post that our listserver tried to send
to anyone at AOL was rejected by AOL, and not with a "temporary" failure,
which would have caused the delivery to be retried later, but a permanent
failure. This appears to be caused by something within AOL, and it seems
to clear up, but if we've had a busy day by the time it does you've all
exceeded the "bounce limit" and the listserver sets you to nomail.

The only part of this process I have any control over is the bounce limit
of the list. I've now set it to twice the previous value, as well as
tweaking a couple of other settings, in the hope that if the problem
recurs it will be corrected before this limit is reached.

I have no way of knowing whether other mail to you AOL users from other
sources was also rejected during these episodes, but it seems quite
likely; that's something you might want to take up with AOL. (And if you
wanted to take up with them the issue of why these mass bounces happen at
all, that would be great - it's a real pain for me as well as you.)

We now resume your normal programming ...


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