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  Use of the name "ExoticRainforest" on plant boards
From: Steve at ExoticRainforest.com (ExoticRainforest) on 2007.08.31 at 19:00:29(16189)
In addition to Aroid l, I post on another site (which there is no need to name) using a different screen name. I also post on one or two plant boards using the screen name "ExoticRainforest". I did also post (upon occasion) on one "plant site" using the screen name "ExoticRainforest" but was never comfortable over there. The name of that site is totally unimportant and I would not encourage any of you to try to find, or use the site.

Some weeks ago I noticed the "language" on the last site was far too strong for my use or interest. Then it became increasingly popular to call other users by slanderous terms. There was little actual discussion regarding plants, just the apparent enjoyment of slapping each other around. They appeared to think it was humorous and fun. I dropped off the board sometime in early June.

But then I received a request to come back and answer a few aroid questions. As many of you can read here, I'm sometimes overly anxious to provide good information. I have a desire to get to the bottom of questionalbe statments, especially regarding aroids. While there to answer the question I noticed one thread I just could not understand. Mardy Darian had announced he was selling his land and entire collection via a local newspaper. I've spoken to Mardy several times, I just don't know him. Many in that group almost stood up and cheered. The name calling was ridiculous and of no value. I am aware of some of "differences" some have had with Dr. Darian, but my phone conversations with him have been generally pleasant. I suspect if that type of slander was sent to this board, it would have never appeared, and the writer banned.

I told the site owner I would not be back and explained why. He went, well shall we say, "ballistic". Made numerous email demands I call him and explain my actions. He called the posts a "freedom of speech" issue. I did not respond.

I'm now told (I haven't tried to log back on) I'm being personally trashed on that site. One reader also informed me it was suggested that someone claim the name "ExoticRainforest" and use it in order to try to slander my name by using the same techniques as many already use on the site.

I would like for it to be known I would NEVER use foul language on a plant board. I don't use it period. And I would certainly never slander another human being in a public forum. Certainly not someone who has proven his skills as Dr. Darian. Its just not my style. I just enjoy talking plants.

So if you run across a quote by someone using the name "ExoticRainforest" somewhere after August 29, 2007 and it does not fit the style on Aroid l, it was not me! And if you run across one prior to that date, consider it has likely been edited. I have too much respect for other growers and people as human beings.

I trust you understand. And I hope to meet many of you in Miami in two weeks!

Steve Lucas

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