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  downloadable plant species data?
From: Steve Marak <samarak at gizmoworks.com> on 2010.07.18 at 05:06:14(21204)

I'm looking for a source of plant species data that I can download. A few
years ago, I found a source which allowed me to download text files, one
per family, each one a list of genera within that family. I've had a lot
of fun with them.

Now I'm looking for the same thing, but one level down - ideally, I'd like
to find a bunch of text files, one per genus, each one a list of the
species within that genus. But I'm not really picky - I'd also be happy
with just a single huge file that is a list of every plant species known
to science, even if it's not sorted, and pretty much regardless of how big
it is. Formatting isn't really an issue, either, even if the information
has to be pulled from multiple files, nor does it matter if there is
infraspecific or other surplus data included, as long as it's identified
in some way in the records. (I can probably find something fun to do with
it, in fact.)

I'm aware that the landscape of plant taxonomy is always in flux and that
any such data source would represent at best a single shapshot from a
single perspective, but that's OK - it won't matter for what I'm doing.

I suppose I should say that this is purely a non-commercial thing which
I'm doing for my own amusement. There's no chance whatever of any product
or profit arising from it.

All help or suggestions appreciated,


From: "Tom Croat" <Thomas.Croat at mobot.org> on 2010.07.20 at 00:34:58(21207)
Dear Steve:

I think that the Kew Checklist where you can chose any genus or
any region and download all the Araceae in a list is what you might want
to check out. I have used it a lot. It does have some extraneous name
information that you might want to delete.


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