Anthurium peltigerum illustration Anthuriums are herbaceous perennials of the new world tropics and are the largest genus of the aroid family encompassing approximatelyy 1000 species. The most famous of anthuriums is Anthurium andreanum Linden of Ecuador and Columbia. Anth. andreanum has been hybridized and selected for many many years for use in the cut flower trade. Hawaii has created a lucrative industry supplying a multitude of colored spathes for floral commerce around the world.

Although these cultivars are what most picture when the word anthurium is heard, these large colorful spathes are the product of only a couple of species and much hybridization. The vast majority of anthuriums have flowers of only marginal interest to the average viewer, who usually wants big colorful blooms.

The inflorescence of this interesting group leaves a little to be desired to the average plant aficionado, but, the foliage displays can be of endless interest. The main horticultural interest in the balance of the species is foliage. Few genera of plants exhibit a greater range in foliage shape than anthurium.

In these pages, it is my wish to provide, in one place, the information I and others have aquired after years studying and collecting anthuriums. Information on taxonomy, horticulture, and distribution, a species gallery and links to other sites can all be found here. As this site is built and grows, I would very much like to hear your comments and feedback. Or if you have articles or photos you would like to contribute please feel free to contact me with your input.

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