Anthurium bakeri Hook.f.
Anth. bakeri

Anthurium bakeri Hook. f., Bot. mag. 102: t. 6261. 1876.


Distribution: Known from Guatemala to Columbia in wet forest.

Sectional Placement: Section Porphyrochitonium

Description: Epiphyte with a short stem with close internodes; Leaves, erect to spreading, petioles 11-17 cm long, leaf blade narrowly elliptic upto 55 cm long, and 9 cm wide, they are more or less strap shaped and have glandular punctations on the lower surface; Inflorescence, erect, shorter than the leaves, spathe pale yellow-green with red tinged margins on some clones, spadix color is cream to white; Berries, red and pointed on the apex.

This species is described in more detail in Croat's online revision of Mexican and Central American Anthurium.

Notes: This species regularly sets a full spadix of bright red berries without pollination. This character along with the species short stems and compact growth habit make it one of the most popular species in cultivation. The characteristic of setting seed without pollination is reffered to as being 'apomiptic' meaning 'without mixing'.

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