Anthurium flavolineatum Sodiro
anth flavolineatum in habitat
Anthurium flavolineatum in habitat, Puyo, Ecuador
photo by Neil Carroll
Anthurium flavolineatum Sodiro, Anales Univ. Centr. Ecuador 20(138):24. 1905.

Etymology: In reference to the fine lines found on the spathe

Distribution: Ecuador

Sectional Placement:


Notes: Throughout Anthurium spathes are generally understated, often narrow green and twisted or rolled. One has to search for species with colorful, broad spathes. Anth. flavolineatum has one of those rare 'good looking' spathes. The spathe is cucullate (hooded), maroon with fine vertical pin striping (thus the name) and shelters the spadix below. The spadix has the interesting characteristic of exserting its pistils, giving the older spadix the look of a hairy caterpillar.

This species seems to be Anthurium's answer to Philodendron santa-leopoldiana, with some of the longest, narrowest, lobed leaf blades in the genus.

This species is from midddle to higher altitudes in the upper Amazon basin on the slopes of the Andes in Ecuador. Culture is difficult with plants being difficult to establish. Once established the plants seem to have no difficulty. Cool nights are helpful.

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