Anthurium lentii Croat & R. A. Baker
Anth. lentii Anthurium lentii Croat & R. A. Baker, Brenesia 16(Suppl. 1), 1979.

Etymology: Named for Roy Lent, who made early collections of this species.

Distribution: Costa Rica, Panama, and Columbia

Sectional Placement: section Digitinervium

Description: Planta epiphytica aut terrestris; caudex brevis; petiolus 10-70 cm longus; lamina ovata, coriacea, basi truncata aut cordata, 15-50 cm longa, 12.5-37 cm lata, in pagina superiore impunctata, in pagina inferiore punctata et conspicue pallidiore, basi nervis crassis. Inflorescentia erecta aut effusa, plerumque foliis longiora; pedunculus 30-88 longus, rigidus; spatha viridis, purpurata tincta, oblonga-lanceolata, 8-14 cm longa, 2-3.9 cm lata; stipes 2-6 mm longus; spadix purpureus, 12-25 cm longus, basi 8-13 cm latus, versus apicem decrescens. Baccae oblongae, conspicue exsertae, viridis pallidae, albidescentes.

A detailed description of this species awaits you.

Type Locale: Cerro Colorado in Chiriqui' prov., Panama

A. lentii grown by Amy Donovan
Anthurium lentii cultivated by Amy Donovan
photo by Neil Carroll

Notes: Anth. lentii is the northern most occuring member of section Digitenervium, stretching well into Costa Rica. The balance of the section occuring no closer than southernmost Panama and adjacent Columbia. The shovel shaped leaves of Anth. lentii are very thick and bi-colorous, the back of the blade being much lighter and covered with glandular punctations. Together with the multiple collective veins and many parallel tertiary veins, these punctations are the key characters for section Digitenervium. One of its closest relatives is Anth. ovatifoliumSodiro of Ecuador and Columbia.

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