Anthurium oxycarpum Poepp.
Anth. oxycarpum

Anthurium oxycarpum Poepp., Nov. Gen. Sp. 3: 83. 1845.


Distribution: Occurring from southeastern Columbia to Amazonian Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia, and Brazil.

Sectional Placement: Schott and Engler both placed and used this species as the type for the section Oxycarpium. It has since been determined that Anthurium oxycarpum is actually a member of section Pachyneurium due to the leaf being of involute vernation, a determining character of section Pachyneurium. Once Anthurium oxycarpum was removed, section Oxycarpium became invalid and a new section is to be erected to take its place. See The Sectional Groupings of Anthurium by T. Croat and R. Sheffer for a more complete account.


To see a more detailed description of this species, see A Revision of Anthurium Section Pachyneurium.

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