Anthurium oxyphyllum Sodiro
Anthurium oxyphyllum

Anthurium oxyphyllum Sodiro, Anales Univ. Centr. Ecuador 15(108): 5. 1901.

Etymology: oxy... pointed, phyllum....leaf

Distribution: Endemic to the Pacific slopes in Ecuador

Sectional Placement: a member of section Pachyneurium series Multinervia

Description: Epiphytic or rarely terrestrial herb. Stem, to 8cm long, numerous ascending roots; leaves, erect and spreading up to 32 cm long and forming a slightly lax 'birdsnest', petioles 'D' shaped in cross section, blades, coriaceous (thick, leathery) lanceolate, acuminate, upper surface matte, lower surface lighter green and glossy or semi-glossy; inflorescence, pendant to spreading, shorter than leaves, spathe is reflexed , green with purple tinges, spadix, green to yellow green, and on a short stipe which is crooked over, nodding toward the ground; berries, orange and scattered thoughout the spadix.

For a more detailed description of this species, see A Revision of Anthurium Section Pachyneurium.

Notes: Distinguishing features of this species are it's inconspicuous veination and 'nodding spadix'. Other than the mid rib of the leaf blade, the primary and secondary veins are scarcely visible and the tertiary veins are only visible on dried speicmens.

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