Journal of the International Aroid Society, Inc.
Volume 27, Number 1 (2004); Pages 90-129
New taxa of Araceae from Cabo Corrintes in Choco Department of Colombia
By Thomas B. Croat and M. Marcela Mora     (Buy)


New species of Araceae are described from the Estacion Biological El Amargal and vicinity on Cabo Corrientes in Choco Department of Colombia. These are Anthurium acutibacca Croat & M. Mora, A. amargalense Croat & M. Mora, A. arusiense Croat & M. Mora, A. debilis Croat & Bay, A. eminens Schott, ssp. longispadix, Croat & M. Mora, A. galeanoae Croat & M. Mora, A. grandicataphyllum Croat & M. Mora, A. morae Croat, A. pallidicaudex Croat & M. Mora, A. promininerve Croat & M. Mora, A. variilobum Croat & M. Mora, Monstera amargalensis Croat & M. Mora, Philodendron amargalense Croat & M. Mora, P. laticiferum Croat & M. Mora, P. longipedunculatum, Croat & M. Mora, P. roseocataphyllum Croat & M. Mora, Rhodospatha monsalvae Croat & Bay and Xanthosoma daguense Engl. var. amargalense Croat & M. Mora.


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