Arisaema smitinandii S.Y. Hu (Araceae) from China""> Aroideana
Journal of the International Aroid Society, Inc.
Volume 31, Number 1 (2008); Pages 124-124
Note on "A disjunct new population of Arisaema smitinandii S.Y. Hu (Araceae) from China"
By Guy Gusman    
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In a paper that appeared in a previous issue of Aroideana (Vol. 30), the author (H. Li, 2007) extends the distribution of Arisaema smitinandii - a species originally discovered in S Thailand - to SE Xizang in China, i.e. ca. 2,300 km further to the North. Unfortunately, this conclusion is deduced on the basis of an error: the three herbarium Chinese specimens (H. Sun, Z.K. Zhou & H.Y. Yu ETM 1090, KUN!) identified as A. smitinandii by the author are the same that were used as paratypes of Arisaema tsangpoense ].T. Yin & G. Gusman (J.T. Yin & G. Gusman, 2006).


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