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  Re: News from the Jungle
From: "Ron Iles" roniles at eircom.net> on 2001.05.17 at 15:37:54(6490)
Dear Jim,

Your thoughtful advice is highly appreciated. Smuggling breaks national
and international law and rightfully invites re-tribution and deserves
punishment. "Ornamental" fish and other fauna are ravished for export greed
and profit in astronomic quantities to "westernised" countries for peanuts
for the usual profit and greed. If I was a poor and exploited native who
was paid peanuts to survive a sub-subsistence life in an origin country, I
would be EXTREMELY hostile to "collectors" in my back yard, to those who
clear and burn it for meats for the rich, and to ALL those who exploit me
without humanity. I might even be one of those who grow drugs in
retaliation and resentment as well as for a little money from my leaders.
For the sake of global stability and survival of ALL Nature, the collection
of small SAMPLES of flora and fauna needs to be WELCOMED because it does
backyard owners GOOD. Until that perception is justified, "THEY" are often
right to veto everything and extract the highest reciprocal price from the
white devils. When WE make it BETTER for them to keep their Jungle and use
it for benign sustainable purposes then we might expect to be welcomed
provided we BUY from them at fair market (at this desperate stage, very
high) price. We cannot expect to take thousands of rare plants worth
hundreds of thousands of dollars, for little or nothing, or even ONE plant
if it is worth multi-millions to the International pharmaceuticals or for
the fossil energy exhausting billion acre greenhouse industry. Costa Rica
allows export of millions of farmed butterflies and sometimes maybe
unendangered collected
species because their history has been far more benign and civilised and
their country has not been quite as ravished by heartless gringos. One has
with cause to pay premium price to compensate for our own mean uncaring
greed for EVERYTHING from THEIR back yard. No, its time for the privileged
to get real and look at global ENVIRONMENTAL and poor countries economic
balance sheets. Stop expecting to TAKE after "giving" with the hidden
agendas of massively taking. Maybe a few people of widest vision and
highest integrity WILL be able to get permission for Ark material to be
BOUGHT and taken out of their countries. Far from getting a free meal,
Gringos will rightly have to pay through their justly bloodied noses for
their privileges and lusts. But ever increasing hordes of nominal
"ecotourist" rampaging the backyards and taking FREE what they want. No way
and rightly so. I am beginning to wonder if I should ask expert native
BOTANISTS to collect and supply tiny samples for this Ark at FULL PRICE and
when I visit their Countries to do so to observe, support THEM and help
WITHOUT collecting. Having listened to so many people who have first hand
experience, I believe "eco-travellers" need most sensitively just to visit,
watch, shut up and listen, or pack up ang go away.

You gringos may not like this but if you want other Countries not to do to
their Countries what you do to yours, then its time for your re-education,
a traumatic change of heart and tiny mindset. Poor (and I mean POOR in the
money sense only people deserve a happy life too and rightly couldn't care a
damn now about how you poor little rich people who want what they've got for
their playpens. You gotta PAY and PAY WELL as you always should have done
so that they feel good about YOU. The days of subserviant and compliant
slaves existing for the First World are going. If WE don't get this into
our thick heads, then all of us gringos and our manic commercial mentors
will go down in the sinking ship. If you want to save the Natural Planet,
without any more pussy footing, start REALLY caring, REALLY sharing, else
everybody will very nastily and very soon go down fighting each other to
swim in the sinking ship. The richer you are the less you'll like this.
Sorry, but sometimes things have to be said. The collecting of treasures is
rightly the responsibility of genuine experts, here professional Botanists,
not profit motivated looters and speculative art lovers. If you want
treasures for yourselves, pay the proper price and make the contracts
legitimate, truthful and open. When I go to a Host Country I pay for the
privilege as generously as I can and above that try to give of myself. I am
always welcomed back and my hosts and I like each other!



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