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Current Issues:

Vol 46 No 2
June 2024

Aroids on the Aroid Trail, French Guiana, Anthurium 'Black haribon', The passing of Aroiders I have known, Tropical Plant Expo

Back Issues:

Vol 46 No 1
March 2024

Bucephalandra hybrids, Anubias by seeds, The Aroid Trail in French Guiana, A visit to the Quezon Memorial Circle Plant Center, Tropical Plant Expo
Vol 45 No 4
December 2023
Thailand 2023: Bangkok Plant Market, Bangkok Private Botanical Garden, Nong Nooch Botanic Gardens & Resort
Vol 45, No  3
August 2023

Cryptocoryne crispatula var. flaccidifolia, Singapore, Three Effective Steps to Propagate Aroids, 14th International Aroid Conference in St. Louis, 2023, 46th Annual IAS Show & Sale.
Vol 45, No 2
June 2023
Amerindian Plants in the Guianas, An Easy Find: Cryptocoryne cordata, var. siamensis, IAS 2023 Show & Sale
Vol 45, No 1
January 2023
Philodendron carinatum, Anthurium eminens, Aroid-friendly Palm Species, New Aroid Specialist at Nancy, Message from the President, 14th Annual International Aroid Conference
Vol 44, No 3
August 2022

Meeting in Sweden, Moving Adult Meconostigma Issues, New Aroid Researcher, IAS Governing Board Vacancies, IAS September Show & Sale
Vol 44, No. 2
June 2022

The Story of Philodendron × joepii, Philodendron wittianum in the Kaw Mountains, IAS 2022 Show & Sale, X1V Aroid Conference at MOBOT

Vol 44, No. 1
March 2022
New opportunities for Aroid Research in Colombia, Schismatoglottis metallica PIKACHU is a Win-Win, Philodendron brevispathum Schott, A Generous Grant to the IAS
Vol 43, No. 4
December 2021
Successful Pollination of Philodendron spiritus-sancti, Philodendron billietiae, Aracea from Northeastern Mexico, What's Wrong with my Anthurium, Cultivar Website Update, Introducing New Board Members
Vol 43, No 3
August 2021

Guatemala expedition, Anthurium 'Delta Force", Aroid Cultivars Website, Philodendron squamiferum, 2021 IAS Show & Sale
Vol 43, No 2
June 2021
John Banta in Memoriam, Floating Tubercles of Amorphophallus dracontioides, Philodendron grandipes, Phu Quoc Aroids
Vol 43, No 1
March 2021

Philodendron hybrids in French Guiana, Amazonia Pigs Love Aroids, Cryptocoryne cordata Healing, Amydrium medium, International Palm Society, Greenhouse Tools

Vol 42, No 4
December 2020
European Aroid Community, Thailand Best Aroid Show, Difficult Cryptocoryne
Vol 42, No 3
August 2020
Aroid Research in Nancy, Lasia concinna, Anthurium bonplandii, Anthurium jenmannii, Show is Postponed
Vol 42, No 2
June 2020
Volunteer Research Associates in the Aroid Research Group at the Missouri Botanical Garden
Vol 42, No 2
June 2020
Josef Bogner In Memoriam
Vol 42, No 1
March 2020
Monstera in Colombia, Urospatha sagittifolia, Dr. Guadalupe Amancio Rosas, Aroid Calendar
Vol 42, No 1
March 2020
“Papa Don’t Leech”, A horticultural expedition log through 4 Southeast Asian countries by Alan Galloway, Bjørn Malkmus-Hussein, David Prehsler and Derek Carwood
Vol 41, No 4
December 2019
Dressler, Soukup, Show and Sale, Thomas Sayers, Spathiphyllum humboldtii, Monstera in Colombia
Vol 41, No 3
August 2019
Monstera, Marco Cedeño and more
Vol 41, No 2
June 2019
Anthurium gracile, Philodendron acutatum, Adelonema picturatum, Aroid Conference First Circular
Vol 41, No 1
March 2019
Expedition to Ecuagenera, Latin American Aroid Symposium, Donation Photo
Vol 40, No 4
December 2018
Lorenzia umbrosa, Stenospermation, Show Awardees
Vol 40, No 3
August 2018
Show Details, Araceae at MOBOT, Joep Travels Continued, Artur Maia Profile
Vol 40, No 2
June 2018
Tom Croat in Mexico, Joep Travels to the Show, More Josef Bogner
Vol 40, No 1
March 2018
Cali Posters, February Show, Josef Bogner
Vol 39, No 4
December 2017
Cali Conference, Montrichardia, Marija Bedelov, Monstera Research, Show Postponed
Vol 39, No 3
August 2017
Dieffenbachia paludicola revisited, Show and Sale
Vol 39, No 2
June 2017
Giants in Aroid Research, Dieffenbachia paludicola, Xavier Delannay, Aroid Workshop
Vol 39, No 1
March 2017
Philodendron pedatum varieties, Ranjita Talukdar, Jack Williford, Home at Last with Aroids, Aroid Conference Second Circular, Birdsey Award
Vol 38, No 4
December 2016
Philodendron 'Marijke', Marco Cedeño, Higher Plants of China, Allan Rossel, Aroid Conference First Circular, Board Business Summary
Vol 38, No 3
June 2016
Visit to Ecuador, George Bunting, Chlorofilled Mind, Wong Sin Yeng, Elephant in our Greenhouses and Cooking with Aroids
Vol 38, No 2
June 2016
Dan Nicolson, Crazy Gringo, Colombian Araceae Research group, Anaphyllopsis update, Aroid Conference
Vol 38, No 1
March 2016
Bucephalandra Propagation, Chinese Araceae, Lynn Hannon, New Aroid Researchers, Anaphyllopsis, New Books
Vol 37, No 4
December 2015

Ecuador, Publications Changes, Philodendron spiritus-sancti, Anthurium wendlingeri
Vol 37, No 3
August 2015

Show and Sale Info, Hawaii, Mitsuru Hotta, Colombian Aroid Conference, Proxy Ballot
Vol 37, No 2
June 2015

Ecuadorean Oriente Part 2, Harii Lorenzi, Anthurium Propagation, OPUS Grant, Maria Silva
Vol 37, No 1
March 2015

Ecuadorean Oriente, Philodendron scottmorianum, Bucephalandra
Vol 36, No 4
December 2014

Report from the Show, Penrissen Highlands, Wong Sin Yeng, Amorphophallus titanum at MOBOT, Li Heng, Oiapoque River, Minutes and Financial Statement
Vol 36, No 3
August 2014

Philodendron ushanum, Felipe Cardona, Quindio Colombia, Show and Sale, Proxy Ballot, Letter from the President
Vol 36, No 2
June 2014

Philodendron 'Joepii', Trip to Narino, Plant Collecting, Days Long Gone, Aroideana Note, Letter from the President
Vol 36, No 1
March 2014

Trip to Ecuador ( Pastaza Province ), Aroider Profiles, Hanoi Conference, Letter from the President
Vol 35, No 4
December 2013

Show Report, Expedition to Colombia and Ecuador, Ibague Conference, Letter from the President
Vol 35, No 3
August 2013

Show Info, Borneo Continued, Monocots V, Arum Book, Jean Paul Ferry
Vol 35, No 2
June 2013

Borneo, Dr. Sivadasan, Piptospatha insignis, Plants that go Bump in the Night, Bucephalandra
Vol 35, No 1
March 2013

Expedition to Western Ecuador
Vol 34, No 4A
January 2013

Aroid Studies in Colombia
Vol 34, No 4
December 2012

Aroid Studies in Colombia, Show and Sale, Conference Announcement, Financial Report
Vol 34, No 3
August 2012

Show and Sale, Sights in Jakarta and Singapore, Bakoa nakamotoi and Banana Moth Infestation
Vol 34, No 2
June 2012

Two Asian Gardens, Aquatic Snails, Araceae of Peninsular Malaysia, Show and Aroideana Preview
Vol 34, No 1
March 2012

Araceae of Indomalaya Key, Scouting the Jama-Coaque, Hapaline appendiculata, Bernard Jadin
Vol 33, No 4
December 2011

Report from the Show and Sale, Aroid Geology, Eduardo Andre, Flora of the Guianas
Vol 33, No 3
August 2011

Show and Sale, Living Wall, Brazil Conference, Proxy Ballot
Vol 33, No 2
June 2011

Caladium Breeding, MidAmerica Meeting Report, Croat in the Guianas, Packing Plants and Ambrosina bassii
Vol 33, No 1
March 2011

Steve Lucas, Alocasia and Colocasia in the UK, Anthurium at the Burle Marx Site, Life Beyond Aroids, Bizarre Botanicals
Vol 32, No 4
December 2010

Mid-America Meeting, A Young Aroider Speaks, Curing A Brown Thumb, Why do you Grow?
Vol 32, No 3
August 2010

Julius Boos, Tricia Frank
Vol 32, No 2
June 2010

Missouri Meeting, Simon Mayo, Jorge Lingan, Natalia Castano,Nils Koster and Joe Wright
Vol 32, No 1
March 2010

Elephant Ears, Heiko Hentrich, Ina Erlinawati, Repotting the IAS, MidAmerica Chapter Meeting
Vol 31, No 4
December 2009

Report from the Show and Sale, Philippine Alocasia
Vol 31, No 3
August 2009

Xth Aroid Conference, Vienna Araceae Project, Show and Sale Info
Vol 31, No 2
June 2009

Aroids of West Sarawak, Vth Colombian Botanical Conference, Dr. Alfred Byrd Graf, West Coast Chapter Meeting
Vol 31, No 1
March 2009

Trip to Colombia and Ecuador, Growing Anthurium from Seed, Xth Aroid Conference, New Aroiders
Vol 30, No 4
December 2008
Changes Coming to Newsletter, Reports from 31st Show and Sale, Breeding a Monster-A, Montreal Botanic Garden, Les Serres d'Auteuil in Paris, 2009 Conference Notice
Vol 30, No 3
August 2008
Schismatoglottis, 31st Show and Sale, Searching for Miss Fortuna, Cultivar Registration
Vol 30, No 2
June 2008
Flora of Veracruz, Botanizing in Colombia and Ecuador 2007, Extended Anthurium Seed Storage, Karl Havlicek, Jim Enck
Vol 30, No 1
March 2008
Botanizing in Colombia and Ecuador 2007, Aroids of the Matang Massif, Arisaema ciliatum, Birdsey Award
Vol 29, No 4
December 2007
Aroids of the Matang Massif, New Flora of Colombia, Dorothy Shaw, First Impressions ( show and sale )
Vol 29, No 3
August 2007
Show and Sale Information, Dorothy Henkle, Ralph McAfee, New Overtures in Colombia
Vol 29, No 2
Jun 2007
Arisaema in arunachal Pradesh, Gunung Mulu National Park: A Heaven for Aroiders ( part 2 ), New European Aroid Researcher Nataile Cusimano, Murline Lydon
Vol 29, No 1
Mar 2007
Aroid Collecting in Ecuador ( part 2 ), Gunung Mulu National Park: A Heaven for Aroiders, Abnormalities of Alocasia brisbanensis
Vol 28, No 4
Dec 2006
Aroid Collecting in Ecuador ( part 1 ), Botanical Garden of the Montet ( part 2 ), Jack Williford, Arisaema Book Review, Notes on the 2006 Show
Vol 28, No 3
Aug 2006
29th Annual Show and Sale, Botanical Garden of the Montet ( part 1 ), Hunting Aroid Stamps, Amy Donovan, Lynn Hannon
Vol 28, No 2
May 2006
Exploration for Araceae in Ecuador 2005 part 2, Aroids on Karst Limestone in Sarwak, Arisaema Awards in the UK, Book Review
Vol 28, No 1
Feb 2006
Exploration for Araceae in Ecuador 2005, Recent Aroid Activities at MOBOT, Minutes, Treasurer's Report
Vol 27, No 4
Sep 2005
Recent Papers on Taro, Bill Weaver's Amorphophallus titanum
Vol 27, No 3
Jul 2005
Ecuador 2004 - Part 2, Black Aroids, Pistia, Recent Activities at MOBOT
Vol 27, No 2
Apr 2005
Ecuador 2004 - Part 1, Konnyaku, Alocasia 'Calodora' and 'Portidora'
Vol 27, No 1
Feb 2005
Pelagus Resort, Aroid Activities in Europe, Borneo Conference
Vol 26, No 3
Dec 2004
Report from the Show and Sale, Article and Book Review, Breeders Banter
Vol 26, Sup
Sep 2004
Nothing you need to see...
Vol 26, No 2
Jun 2004
Aroid Collecting in Ecuador - Part 2, Montet Botanical Gardent, Breeders Banter, USDA Inspection Tale
Vol 26, No 1
Mar 2004
Aroid Collecting in Ecuador - Part 1, New Aroid Introductions, Breeders Banter, Xanthosoma blandum
Vol 25, No 4
Dec 2003
Report from the Show and Sale, Shingle Plants, Philodendron Look-alikes, International Aroid Symposium Announcement, Aroid Botanical Art
Vol 25, No 3
Aug 2003
Alocasia advincula, Cape Oasis, Alocasia Seed Raising, Alocasia Lowii 'Tiffany', Monica Carlsen
Vol 25, No 2
Jun 2003
Birdsey Award, Philodendron gloriosum, Show and Sale Announcement, Breeders Banter
Vol 25, No 1
Mar 2003
Trip to Ecuador, Arisaema Joke
Vol 24, No 4
Dec 2002
Beauty Contest, Show and Sale Report, Literature Review, Bylaws, Breeders Banter
Vol 24, No 3
Aug 2002
Commercial Use of Aroid Foliage, Allistair Hay, Report from Aroid Thrills and Frills, Cutting Remarks, 25th Anniversary, Importing Plants into Australia, Growing Plants in an Apartment, Amorphophallus paeoniifolius flowering
Vol 24, No 2
Jul 2002
Message from President, Trip to Acre - Part 2, Araceae of Acre, Amorphophallus titanum, Aroids: A World of Food, Aroid Thrills and Frills Announcement, Aroid Beauty Contest, Don Burn Memorial
Vol 24, No 1
Apr 2002
Trip to Acre - Part 1, Letter from President, Aroid Beauty Contest, Molecular Studies on Anthurium, Aroid Thrills and Frills Announcement
Vol 23, Nos 3 & 4
Nov 2001
Report and Pictures from the Show and Sale, Marcela Mora at MOBOT, Caladium Festival, The Living Rainforest, Photos from French Guiana
Vol 23, No 2
Aug 2001
Show Announcement, Neotropical Aroid Researchers, Emerald Jungle Village, Freeze of Dec. 2000
Vol 23, No 1
Jun 2001
Editorial - Ron Iles, Trip to South America - Tom Croat, Schismatoglottideae in Malesia, The Origin of Alocasia macrorrhizos cv New Guinea Gold, Note on Alocasia culionensis, Moisture in Planting Mixes, Effects of Logging on Epiphytes
Vol 22, No 3
Sep 2000
Aroid Literature, Aroid Garden Adieu - Petra Schmidt, Anthurium barclayanum berries, Show Details
Vol 22, No 2
Jun 2000
Show Announcement, Anth. pseudospectabile pic, Skunk Cabbage, Whyanbeel Arboretum, Deni Bown's Aroids Book, Arisaema
Vol 3, No 12
Dec 1979
Philodendron gloriosum
Vol 3, No 11
Nov 1979
Review of the first Show, Report from California, Philodendron pittieri
Vol 3, No 10
Oct 1979
First Show and Sale Announcement, Aglaonema modestun 'Variegatum'
Vol 3, No 9
Sep 1979
How I Grow my Alocasias, Before and After Hurricane David, Letter From Solomon Islands, Anthurium polyschitum
Vol 3, No 8
Aug 1979
Elimination of monthly newsletter, First Show and Sale, Sporotrichosis, Philodendron warscewiczii
Vol 3, No 7
Jul 1979
Members Questions, Publication of Anthurium of Costa Rica, Membership Drive
Vol 3, No 6
Jun 1979
Activites in Florida, Edema on Aglaonema, Report from SW Florida Chapter
Vol 3, No 5
May 1979
Pollenation of Alocasia cuprea × Alocasia odora
Vol 3, No 4
Apr 1979
Report from Miami Flower Show, Dieffenbachia Cultivar Project, Anthurium and Allied Plant Society, Method of Propagating Tuberous Aroids
Vol 3, No 3
Mar 1979
Program for Aroid Identification, Philodendron Emerald Queen, Miami Flower Show
Vol 3, No 2
Feb 1979
Colocasia esculenta supplement, Aroid Tongue Twisters, Visit to Southern California Chapter
Vol 3, No 1
Jan 1979
Monstera deliciosa - R. Swain, Plant Protection in South Florida, Plant supports
Vol 2, No 12
Dec 1978
Colocasia esculenta
Vol 2, No 11
Nov 1978
Dasheen Mosaic Virus in Aroids
Vol 2, No 10
Oct 1978
Coping with climbers
Vol 2, No 9
Sep 1978
Amorphophallus maculatus, Aroids as landscape plants