Anthurium pentaphyllum var.bombacifolium (Schott) Madison
Anthurium pentaphyllum

Anthurium pentaphyllum var.bombacifolium (Schott) Madison, Selbyana 2: 278. 1978

Etymology: A reference to the shape of the leaves being similar in appearance to that of the Bombax tree.

Distribution: Found from Mexico to Panama.

Sectional Placement: This species belongs to section Dactylophyllium.

Description: See this species described in more detail.

Notes: This variety of this species was described by Michael Madison in 1978. At the same time, he placed several names into synonomy with A. pentaphyllum var. bombacifolium. Among them are:

  • Anthurium bombacifolium Schott, Oest. Bot. Zeit. 8: 182 ( 1858).
  • Anthurium aemulum Schott, Bonplandia 7: 165 (1859).
  • Anthurium karwinskyi Schott, Oest. Bot. Zeit. 9:101 (1859).
  • Two other varieties are recognized by Madison.

  • Anthurium pentaphyllum(Aubl.) G. Don var. pentaphyllum
  • Anthurium pentaphyllum(Aubl.) G. Don var. digitatum (Jacq.) Madison
  • See Selbyana 2:276-279 for more synonyms and more complete descritptions and discussion on this species.

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