Advertising with the IAS

The rates and options for advertising with the IAS are as follows:

  1. IAS Web site advertisement on the home page and on the Aroid Links page. The advertisement will be a linked graphic of the company's choice and design. Graphics must be in jpeg format, 580x100 pixels, and less than 30kB in size.
    Pricing: on an annual basis at $30 per month or $360 for the year.

  2. IAS Newsletter advertisement with the company's choice of design and content for approximate large business card sized advertisement placed strategically within the layout of the newsletter.
    Pricing: on an annual basis for the four newsletters mailed quarterly at $50 per issue for $200 for the year.

  3. The Best Deal! - IAS Web site and Newsletter advertising combined: As per items 1 and 2 above (advertising on the IAS Web site plus advertising in each issue of the Newsletter) with combined pricing of $500 annually. This option also includes a one-year membership to the IAS. You will find this last option very attractive, and the price is very competitive for an annual advertising campaign that can be changed with each issue of the newsletter and as often as you like for the Web site ads.

Please contact Albert Huntington if you have any questions regarding advertising with the IAS.