The Genera of Araceae

The Araceae are a family of herbaceous monocots with 125 genera and about 3750 species including the Lemnaceae.

The vast majority of the genera occur in the New World tropics. Members of the family are highly diverse in life forms, leaf morphology, and inflorescence characteristics. Life forms range from submerged or free-floating aquatics to terrestrial (sometimes tuberous), and to epiphytic or hemiepiphytic plants or climbers. Leaves range from simple and entire to compound and highly divided, and may be basal or produced from an aerial stem. The family is best characterized by its distinctive inflorescence, a spadix with bisexual or unisexual (sometimes with sterile region) and subtended by a solitary spathe on a long or very short peduncle.

Peter Boyce and Tom Croat have been maintaining a list of the currently valid genera, their species numbers and distribution. We are pleased to be the official repository of that list in PDF form: "The Überlist of Araceae, Totals for Published and Estimated Number of Species in Aroid Genera", most recently updated 30MAR2016.

The list may be cited as:
Boyce, P. C. & Croat, T. B. (2011 onwards).The Überlist of Araceae, Totals for Published and Estimated Number of Species in Aroid Genera.

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Acontias Schott = Xanthosoma Schott
Acorus L. = moved to Acoraceae
Adelonema Schott = Homalomena Schott
Afrorhaphidophora Engl. = Rhaphidophora Hassk.
Aglaodorum Schott
Aglaonema Schott
Allophythion Schott = Thompsonia Steud.
Alloschemone Schott
Alocasia (Schott) G. Don
Alocasiophyllum Engl. = Cercestis Schott
Amauriella Rendle = Anubias Schott
Ambrosina F. Bassi
Ambrosinia L. = Ambrosina F. Bassi
Amidena Adans. = Orontium L.
Amomophyllum Engl. = Spathiphyllum Schott
Amorphophallus Blume
Amydrium Schott
Anadendron Schott = Anadendrum Schott
Anadendrum Schott
Anaphyllum Schott
Anaphyllopsis A. Hay
Anarmodium Schott = Dracunculus Mill
Anchomanes Schott
Andromycia A. Rich. = Asterostigma Fisch. & C.A. Mey.
Anepsias Schott = Rhodospatha Poepp.
Anthelia Schott = Epipremnum Schott
Anthurium Schott
Anubias Schott
Apatemone Schott = Schismatoglottis Zoll. & Moritzi
Aphyllarum S. Moore = Caladium Vent.
Apiospermum Klotzsch = Pistia L.
Apoballis Schott, Oesterr.
Arctiodracon A. Gray = Lysichiton Schott
Aridarum Ridl.
Ariopsis Nimmo
Arisacontis Schott = Cyrtosperma Griff.
Arisaema Mart.
Arisaron Adans. = Arisaema Mart.
Arisarum Mill.
Arodendron Werth = Typhonodorum Schott
Arodes Kuntze = Zantedeschia Spreng.
Aroides Heist. = Calla L.
Aron Adans. = Arum L.
Aronia J. Mitch. = Orontium L.
Arophyton Jum.
Aropsis Rojas Acosta = Spathicarpa Hook.
Arosma Raf. = Philodendron Schott
Arum L.
Asterostigma Fisch. & C.A. Mey.
Atherurus Blume = Pinellia Ten.
Atimeta Schott = Rhodospatha Poepp.

Bakoa P.C.Boyce & S.Y.Wong
Balmisa M. Lag. = Arisarum Mill.
Biarum Schott
Bognera Mayo & Nicolson
Brachyspatha Schott = Amorphophallus Blume
Bruniera Franch. = Wolffia Horkel ex Schleid.
Bucephalandra Schott

Caladiopsis Engl. = Chlorospatha Engl.
Caladium Vent.
Calla L.
Calladium R. Br. = Caladium Vent.
Callaria Raf. = Calla L.
Callopsis Engler
Calostigma Schott = Philodendron Schott
Calyptrocoryne Schott = Theriophonum Blume
Candarum Rchb. ex Schott & Endl. = Amorphophallus Blume
Carlephyton Jum.
Cercestis Schott
Chamaecladon Miq. = Homalomena Schott
Chersydrium Schott = Dracontium L.
Chlorospatha Engl.
Colletogyne Buchet
Colobogynium Schott = Schismatoglottis Zoll. & Moritzi
Colocasia Schott
Conophallus Schott = Amorphophallus Blume
Corynophallus Schott = Amorphophallus Blume
Croatiella E.G. Gonç.
Cryptocorine A. Rich. = Cryptocoryne Fisch. ex Wydler
Cryptocoryne Fisch. ex Wydler (offsite)
Culcasia P. Beauv.
Curmeria Andre = Homalomena Schott
Cuscuaria Schott = Scindapsus Schott
Cyllenium Schott = Biarum Schott
Cyrtocladon Griff. = Homalomena Schott
Cyrtospadix K. Koch = Caladium Vent.
Cyrtosperma Griff.

Denhamia Schott = Culcasia P. Beauv.
Desmesia Raf. = Typhonium Schott
Diandriella Engl. = Homalomena Schott
Dieffenbachia Schott
Dochafa Schott = Arisaema Mart.
Dracontioides Engl.
Dracontium L.
Dracunculus Mill.

Echidnium Schott = Dracontium L.
Elopium Schott = Philodendron Schott
Eminium (Blume) Schott
Endera Regel = Taccarum Brongn.
Englerarum Nauheimer & P.C.Boyce
Ensolenanthe Schott = Alocasia (Schott) G. Don
Epipremnopsis Engl. = Amydrium Schott
Epipremnum Schott
Eusolenanthe Benth. ex Hook. f. = Ensolenanthe Schott
Eutereia Raf. = Dracontium L.

Felipponia Hicken = Mangonia Schott
Felipponiella Hicken = Mangonia Schott
Filarum Nicolson
Flagellarisaema Nakai = Arisaema Mart.
Furtadoa M. Hotta

Gamochlamys Baker = Spathantheum Schott
Gamogyne N.E. Br. = Piptospatha N.E. Br.
Gearum N.E. Br.
Godwinia Seem. = Dracontium L.
Gonatanthus Klotzsch = Remusatia Schott
Gonatopus Hook. f. ex Engl.
Goniurus C. Presl = Pothos L.
Gorgonidium Schott
Grantia Griff. ex Voigt = Wolffia Horkel ex Schleid.
Gymnomesium Schott = Arum L.
Gymnostachys R.E. Br.

Hansalia Schott = Amorphophallus Blume
Hapale Schott = Hapaline Schott
Hapaline Schott
Helicodiceros Schott ex K. Koch
Helicophyllum Schott = Eminium (Blume) Schott
Hemicarpurus Nees = Pinellia Ten.
Hestia S.Y. Wong & P.C. Boyce
Heteroaridarum M. Hotta = Aridarum Ridl.
Heteroarisaema Nakai = Arisaema Mart.
Heterolobium A. Peter = Gonatopus Hook. f. ex Engl.
Heteropsis Kunth
Heterostalis (Schott) Schott = Typhonium Schott
Holochlamys Engl.
Homaid Adans. = Biarum Schott
Homaida Raf. = Biarum Schott
Homalomena Schott
Horkelia Rchb. ex Bartl. = Wolffia Horkel ex Schleid.
Hottarum J. Bogner & Nicolson = Piptospatha N.E. Br.
Humbertina Buchet = Arophyton Jum.
Hydnostachyon Liebm. = Spathiphyllum Schott
Hydrophace Haller = Lemna L.
Hydrosme Schott = Amorphophallus Blume

Ictodes Bigelow = Symplocarpus Salisb. ex Nutt
Incarum E.G. Gonç.
Ischarum (Blume) Rchb. = Biarum Schott

Jaimenostia Guinea & Gomez Mor. = Typhonium Schott
Jasarum G.S. Bunting

Kodda-Pail Adans. = Pistia L.
Kunda Raf. = Amorphophallus Blume

Lagenandra Dalzell (offsite)
Landoltia D.H. Les & D.J. Crawford
Lasia Lour.
Lasimorpha Schott
Lasius Hasskarl = Lasia Lour.
Lazarum A. Hay = Typhonium Schott
Lemna L.
Lenticula P. Micheli ex Adans. = Lemna L.
Lenticularia Ség. = Lemna L.
Leptopetion Schott = Biarum Schott
Leucocasia Schott
Lilloa Speg. = Synandrospadix Engl.
Limnonesis Klotzsch = Pistia L.
Lysichiton Schott
Lysistigma Schott = Taccarum Brongn.

Maguirea A.D. Hawkes = Dieffenbachia Schott
Mangonia Schott
Massovia Benth. & Hook. f. = Massowia K. Koch
Massowia K. Koch = Spathiphyllum Schott
Megotigea Raf. = Helicodiceros Schott
Microcasia Becc. = Bucephalandra Schott
Microculcas A. Peter = Gonatopus Hook. f. ex Engl.
Monstera Adans.
Montrichardia Crüger.
Muricauda Small = Arum L.

Nebrownia Kuntze = Philonotion Schott
Nephthytis Schott
Nothopothos Kuntze = Anadendrum Schott

Oligogynium Engl. = Nephthytis Schott
Ophione Schott = Dracontium L.
Orontium L.
Otosma Raf. = Zantedeschia Spreng.

Pauella Ramam. & Sebastine = Theriophonum Blume
Pedicellarum M. Hotta
Peltandra Raf.
Philodendron Schott
Philodendrum Schott = Philodendron Schott
Philonotion Schott = Schismatoglottis Zoll. & Moritzi
Phyllotaenium Andre = Xanthosoma Schott
Phymatarum M. Hotta
Pinellia Ten.
Piptospatha N.E. Br.
Pistia L.
Plesmonium Schott = Amorphophallus Blume
Pleuriarum Nakai = Arisaema Mart.
Pleurospa Raf. = Montrichardia Crueg.
Podolasia N.E. Br.
Podospadix Raf. = Anthurium Schott
Porphyrospatha Engl. = Syngonium Schott
Potha Kuntze = Pothos L.
Pothoidium Schott
Pothos L.
Protarum Engl.
Proteinophallus Hook. f. = Amorphophallus Blume
Provenzalia Adans. = Calla L.
Pseudodracontium N.E. Br. = Amorphophallus Blume
Pseudohomalomena A.D. Hawkes = Zantedeschia Sprengl.
Pseudohydrosme Engl.
Pseudowolffia Hartog & Plas = Wolffiella (Hegelm.) Hegelm.
Pycnospatha Thorel ex Gagnep.
Pythion Mart. = Amorphophallus Blume
Pythonium Schott = Amorphophallus Blume

Ramasetia Hassek. = Remusatia Schott
Rectophyllum Post & Kuntze = Cercestis Schott
Remusatia Schott
Rensselaeria L.C. Beck = Peltandra Raf.
Rhaphidophora Hassk.
Rhaphiophallus Schott = Amorphophallus Blume
Rhektophyllum N.E. Br. = Cercestis Schott
Rhodospatha Poepp.
Rhopalostigma Schott = Staurostigma Scheidw.
Rhynchopyle Engl. = Piptospatha N.E. Br.
Richardia Kunth = Zantedeschia Spreng.
Ringentiarum Nakai = Arisaema Mart.

Sauromatum Schott
Scaphispatha Brongn. ex Schott
Scaphospatha Post & Kuntze = Scaphispatha Brongn. ex Schott
Schismatoglottis Zoll. & Moritzi
Schizocasia Schott ex Engl. = Alocasia (Schott) G. Don
Schottariella P.C.Boyce & S.Y.Wong
Scindapsus Schott
Seguinum Raf. = Dieffenbachia Schott
Serangium Wood ex Salisb. = Monstera Adans.
Simplocarpus Ledeb. = Symplocarpus Salisb. ex Nutt
Spathantheum Schott
Spathicarpa Hook.
Spathiphyllopsis Tijsm. & Binn. = Spathiphyllum Schott
Spathiphyllum Schott
Spathocarpus Post & Kuntze = Spathicarpa Hook.
Spathyema Raf. = Symplocarpus Salisb. ex Nutt
Sphincterostigma Schott = Philodendron Schott
Spirodela Schleid.
Spirospatha Raf. = Homalomena Schott
Staurogeton Reichenb. = Lemna L.
Stauromatum Endl. = Typhonium Schott
Staurostigma Scheidw. = Asterostigma Fisch. & C.A. Mey.
Stenospermation Schott
Stenurus Salisb. = Biarum Schott
Steudnera K. Koch
Strepsanthera Raf. = Anthurium Schott
Stylochaeton Lep.
Symplocarpos Schult. & Schult. f. = Symplocarpus Salisb. ex Nutt
Symplocarpus Salisb. ex Nutt
Symptocarpus A. Rich. = Symplocarpus Salisb. ex Nutt
Synandriospadix Engl. = Synandrospadix Engl.
Synandrogyne Buchet = Arophyton Jum.
Synandrospadix Engl.
Synantherias Schott = Amorphophallus Blume
Syngonium Schott

Taccarum Brongn. ex Schott
Tapanava Adans. = Pothos L.
Tapinocarpus Dalzall = Theriophonum Blume
Telipodus Raf. = Philodendron Schott
Telmatophace Schleid. = Lemna L.
Thaumatophyllum Schott = Philodendron Schott
Theriophonum Blume
Thompsonia Steudl. = Amorphophallus Blume
Thomsonia Wall. = Amorphophallus Blume
Tornelia Gut. ex Schott = Monstera Adans.
Typhonium Schott
Typhonodorum Schott

Ulearum Engl.
Urophyllum K. Koch = Urospatha Schott
Urospatha Schott
Urospathella G.S. Bunting = Urospatha Schott

Wolffia Horkel ex Schleid.
Wolffiella (Hegelm.) Hegelm.
Wolffiopsis Hartog & Plas = Wolffiella (Hegelm.) Hegelm.

Xanthosoma Schott
Xenophya Schott = Alocasia (Schott) G. Don

Zala Lour. = Pistia L.
Zamioculcas Schott
Zantedeschia Spreng.
Zomacarpella Post & Kuntze = Zomicarpella N.E. Br.
Zomacarpus Post & Kuntze = Zomicarpa Schott
Zomicarpa Schott
Zomicarpella N.E. Br.
Zyganthera N.E. Br. = Pseudohydrosme Engl.

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