Aroideana Volume 2

Volume 2 from 1979 contains 18 articles in 4 Issues.

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Author Title
S. J. MayoAroids at Kew
Thomas B. Croat and George S. BuntingStandardization of Anthurium descriptions
J. BognerProfessor Dr. Kurt Krause: 1883-1963
Michael MadisonAroid profile no. 3: Anthurium superbum
Thomas B. CroatA new Anthurium from Panama
Fred Dortort and Terry ThompsonAlocasias
Michael MadisonProtection of developing seeds in neotropical Araceae
Michael MadisonAroid profile no. 4: Xenophya lauterbachiana
Michael MadisonNotes on some aroids along the Rio Negro, Brazil
Thomas B. CroatGermination of seeds of Anthurium
S. J. Mayo and Graziela M. BarrosoA new predate-leaved species of Philodendron from Bahia, Brazil
Michael MadisonAroid literature: Three new floras
Thomas B. CroatThe aroid collections at the Missouri Botanical Garden
Jim WatsonGrowing climbing aroids
J. BognerTwo new Aridarum species and one new variety from Sarawak
Mike BushHybridizing anthuriums
 AnonymousHeinrich Wilhelm Schott (1794-1865)
Michael MadisonAroid profile no. 5: Anthurium punctatum