Aroideana Volume 22
Volume 22 from 1999 contains 12 articles in a single issue.

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Author Title
Peter C. BoyceFrom the editor
Eduardo G. Gon?alvesA new pedate-leaved species of Xanthosoma Schott (Araceae: Tribe Caladieae) with linear leaflets, from the Brazilian Pantanal
Helmut GenaustCalla--An enigmatic aroid taxon and its etymological
Cristiana GiordanoObservations on Amorphophallus titanum (Becc.) Becc. ex Archangeli in the forest of Sumatra
Josef Bogner and Eduardo G. Gon?alvesThe genus Gearum N. E. Br. (Araceae: Tribe Spathicarpeae)
Eduardo G. Gon?alvesA revised key for the genus Asterostigma C. A. Fisch. & Mey. (Araceae: Tribe Spathicarpeae) and a new species from southeastern Brazil
Dorothy E. ShawAroid postage stamps of the world. Supplement 1
Nuttha Kuanprasert and Adelheid R. KuehnleFragrance quality, emission, and inheritance in Anthurium species and hybrids
Danny N. BeathDynastine scarab beetle pollination in Dieffenbachia longispatha (Araceae) on Barro Colorado Island (Panama) compared with La Selva Biological Station (Costa Rica)
Makoto Tahara, Viet Xuan Nguyen and Hiromichi YoshinoIsozymes analyses of Asian diploid and triploid taro, Colocasia esculenta (L.) Schott
Makoto Tahara, Seiko Suefuji, Toshinori Ochiai and Hiromichi YoshinoPhylogenetic relationships of taro, Colocasia esculenta (L.) Schott and related taxa by non-coding chloroplast DNA sequence analysis
Peter C. BoyceBiarum mendax (Araceae: Areae) a new species from southwestern Spain