Aroideana Volume 4

Volume 4 from 1981 contains 24 articles in 4 Issues.

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Author Title
Fred DortortAroids in Costa Rican Gardens
S. J. MayoA new species of Philodendron from Trinidad
Dan H. NicholsonThe gender of Lysichiton Schott (Araceae)
K. Christiana FigueresColocasia esculenta in the Pacific
J. BognerPseudohydrosme gabunensis Engl.
 AnonymousAroid literature
J. BognerAmorphophallus titanum (Becc.) Becc. ex Arcangeli
Mark D. MofflerAnthurium araliifolium, species dubium
J. BognerA new Aridarum species from Borneo
M. Sivadasan and Dan H. NicolsonA new species of Theriophonum Bl. (Araceae) from India
Michael MadisonPacking and shipping aroids
Zacarias B. SarianShort communications
Monore BirdseyEditor's corner
H. KamemotoAnthurium breeding in Hawaii
J. BognerA new Dracontium from Mato Grosso, Brazil
Thomas B. CroatPropagation of Anthurium cuttings
 AnonymousA portfolio of photographs from the collection of Roberto Burle-Marx, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Monroe BirdseyEditor's corner
Wilhelm Barthlott and J. BognerRediscovery of Amorphophallus staudtii (Engl.) N. E. Br. in the Tai National Park, Ivory Coast
Marcel LecoufleCaladium humboldtii and its cultivar 'Marcel'
Arnold MelimThe production of seed by taro, Colocasia esculenta
 AnonymousA series of illustrations from Sodiro, Anturios, Ecuatorianos