Aroideana Volume 5

Volume 5 from 1982 contains 26 articles in 4 Issues.

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Author Title
Marcel LecouflePropogation [sic] of caladiums, alocasias and similar genera
John BantaStrategies on the breeding of anthuriums
Dr. Thomas B. CroatA study of Old World aroids
 AnonymousA series of illustrations from Sodiro, Anturios, Ecuatorianos
J. C. Arends and F.M. van der LaanSomatic chromosome numbers in Anubias Schott
Michael H. GrayumThe aroid flora of Finca La Selva, Costa Rica: A lowland wet forest locality
 AnonymousA series of illustrations from Sodiro, Anturios, Ecuatorianos
 AnonymousNews and notes
Thomas B. CroatAroid collecting in western South America
Bette WaterburyA message from the president of the society
Dan H. NicolsonTranslation of Engler's classification of Araceae with updating
B. Frank BrownThe search for the natural habitat of the pink petioled Aglaonema
 AnonymousA series of illustrations from Schott's Icones
 AnonymousPhotograph: Philodendron sp.
 AnonymousPhotograph: Anthurium willdenovii
Robert R. WhitePanama west
H. Kamemoto and R. D. ShefferAnthurium wendlingeri x Anthurium scherzerianum
 AnonymousIllustration of Humalomena [sic] wallisii from Ill. Hort.
 AnonymousIllustration of Anthurium bakeri from Rev. Hort., III
R. J. HennyDieffenbachia breeding: Presence of fertility and sterility in parents and their hybrids
R. J. HennyDieffenbachia breeding: Transmission of foliar variegation to hybrids
David BurnettThe problems of names for Araceae: A proposal for hybrid and cultivars
Joe WrightQueries
Jim GeorgusisPropagation of alocasias
R. J. HennyBreeding guidelines in the genus Aglaonema