Aroideana Volume 6

Volume 6 from 1983 contains 54 articles in 4 Issues.

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Author Title
David PrudhommePresident's profile
Jerry BengisThe year ahead: Jerry Bengis, President
Joe WrightQueries?
 AnonymousPhotograph: Arisema [sic] trifolum
John BantaWhat's in a name?
 AnonymousPhotograph: Rhaphidophora aurea
Stu CramerAroid profile number 8 Remusatia vivipara
Mark D. MofflerA commentary on the anatomy of a neotropical species of Homalomena
Bette WaterburyThe third annual aroid show and sale
Father Eugene MiddendorfThe remarkable shooting idioblasts
Bette WaterburyTracking down the elusive Philodendron "Santa Leopoldina"
Dewey E. FiskFrom the editor's Desk
 AnonymousHelpful hints . . .
 AnonymousNew Members for 1983
John BantaLetter to the editor
 AnonymousLetter. . .
D. Prudhomme and M. JohnsonPhotograph: Schismatoglottis calyptrata
D. PrudhommePhotograph: Philodendron sodiroi
David J. LeedyRound Robins
Linda TheusA tour of Selby Botanical Gardens
David J. LeedyThe Los Angeles spring plant and flower show
Luis BuenoThe metropolitan Miami flower show aroid exhibit
G. HennenThe basics of plant tissue culture
Thomas B. CroatA new species of ornamental Philodendron (Araceae)
 AnonymousHints . . .
M. Sivadasan and Dan H. NicolsonArisaema nilamburense, a new name for a threatened species of India (Araceae)
 AnonymousFirst general membership meeting
Joe WrightQueries
Thomas B. Croat and Richard D. ShefferThe sectional groupings of Anthurium (Araceae)
 AnonymousWe regret to announce the loss of member Bill Virden
Sara OldfieldTrade in endangered species
Lawrence E. GarnerHybridizing alocasias for the landscape
R. J. HennyStimulation of flowering in Aglaonema with gibberellic acid (GA3)
M. Johnson and D. PrudhommePhotograph: Caladium lindenii
James B. WatsonA new name for Xanthosoma lindenii
Thomas B. CroatHeinrich Gustav Adolph Engler
M. Johnson and D. PrudhommePhotograph: Alocasia zebrina inflorescence
 AnonymousErrata for vol. 6, no. 3
 AnonymousNew members for 1983
 AnonymousAustralian newsletter
Joe WrightQueries
D. PrudhommePistia stratiotes "Growoff"
Linda TheusFourth annual show and sale
Bette WaterburyThe history of the IAS
R. J. Henny and W. C. FoosheeFlowering of Aglaonema with gibberellic acid (GA3) A follow up report
Dr. Thomas B. CroatThe origin of Anthurium leuconeurum
F. D. GhaniOrnamental and edible aroids of peninsular Malaysia
A. Fernandez and D. PrudhommePhotograph: Aglaonema costatum Brown
Dewey FiskFrom the editor's desk