Aroideana Volume 7

Volume 7 from 1984 contains 32 articles in 3 Issues.

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Author Title
Josef BognerA new Caladium species from Columbia
D. PrudhommePhotograph: Amorphophallus konjac Koch
Dan H. NicolsonAmorphophallus konjac vs A. rivieri (Araceae)
R. J. HennyAglaonema Breeding: Transmission of foliar variegation from three species to their hybrids
Thomas B. CroatRediscovery of a rare Monstera
Dr. Donald C. HuttlestonThe North American species of Arisaema (Araceae)-"Jack-in-the-Pulpit"
Thomas B. CroatAroid profile no. 9 Philodendron rugosum Bogner & Bunting
David BurnettDon't give in to the fungus
Mark D. MofflerRecent aroid literature
D. PrudhommePhotograph: Anthurium cerocampanense
Dewey FiskFrom the editor's desk
Thomas B. CroatThe importance of labeling living plants
D. PrudhommePhotograph: Anthurium helleborifolium (L.) Schott
 AnonymousErrata, vol. 6, no. 3
D. PrudhommePhotograph: Philodendron sp. origin unknown
D. PrudhommePhotograph: Amorphophallus bulbifer....
Mark D. Moffler and Josef BognerA new Homalomena species (Araceae) from Columbia
Dr. R. Frank BrownThe new aglaonemas of Thailand
L. Garner and D. PrudhommePhotograph: Amorphophallus bulbifer inflorescence
Dan H. NicolsonNotes on a new genus Pentastemona
D. FiskPhotograph: Syngonium 'Frosty'
H. KamemotoRegistration of anthurium cultivars
Dan H. NicolsonA second collection of Pedicellarum (Araceae)
D. FiskPhotograph: Anthurium ssp. [sic] infructescence collected by F. Fuchs.
 AnonymousFor the devout aroid enthusiast:
D. FiskPhotograph: Philodendron grazielae
 AnonymousDr. Michael Madison, first....
Dan H. NicolsonNotes on aroid papers
David BurnettThe cultivated alocasia