Aroideana Volume 8

Volume 8 from 1985 contains 32 articles in 4 Issues.

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Author Title
 AnonymousPhoto contest
Thomas J. DelendickAroids at Brooklyn Botanic Garden
Thomas B. CroatAroid workshop at Harvard Forest
J. Bogner, S. J. Mayo and M. SivadasanNew species and changing concepts in Amorphophallus
John BantaNotice
David PrudhommeThe fifth annual aroid show and sale
Thomas B. CroatNew book on African Araceae
Marion EasterbookFirst Australian show and sale
D. PrudhommePhotograph: Phlodendron [sic] corcovadense
J. BognerPhotograph: Homalomena wallisii (Mast.) Regel
Roger HammondMy experience with arisaemas
Josef Bogner and Mark D. MofflerAdditional notes on Homalomena speariae Bogner et Moffler
Alan HerndonNaturalized aroids
John BantaPlant collectors and breeding
J. BognerA new Chlorospatha species from Columbia
Josef BognerJasarum steyermarkii Bunting, an aquatic aroid from Guyana highland
Mark D. MofflerEditorial
J. BognerPhotograph: Furtadoa sumatrensis....
W. S. PeckoverSeed dispersal of Amorphophallus paeoniifolius by birds of paradise in Papua New Guinea
J. BognerThe seeds of Chlorospatha logipoda (K. Krause) Madison
J. BognerOne new name and five new combinations in Araceae
Thomas B. CroatA new collection of the rare Alloschemone occidentalis (Poepp.) Engl. & Krause
L. P. Nyman and Joseph ArdittiGermination of taro seeds
Dorothy E. Shaw, A. Hiller and Katherine A. HillerAlocasia macrorrhiza and birds in Australia
Thomas B. CroatAroid profile no. 10. Taccarum weddellianum
Thomas B. CroatNew books on Cryptocoryne
Thomas B. CroatPhotograph: Anthurium sp.
Deni BownAlien aroids in an English woodland
J. BognerA new Xanthosoma species from Par?, Brazil
Thomas B. CroatThe Anthurium bredemeyeri complex (Araceae) of Venezuela and Columbia
Prof. Dr. W. BarthlottPhotograph: Hapaline brownii Hook. f. (Burtt 177)....