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M. M. Antofie, A. Brezeanu In vitro developmental peculiarities of Spathiphyllum (Buy)
 ABSTRACT: A micropropagation protocol for spathiphyllum is described in this article. The original material started from meristem culture and a dynamic of the second to the fourth multiplication stages was analyzed. An exponential growth with a correlation index of R2 = 0.9916 was observed. The multiplication index was positively influenced by the incorporation into the culture medium of BAP (1 mg/D and IAA (0.1 mg/D which gave 26.6 new shoots/explant. A culture medium supplemented only with auxin did not induce callus formation and when only cytokinin was used callusogenesis was positively influenced and rooting processes were not observed.
M. M. Antofie In vitro developmental peculiarities of Syngonium (Buy)
 ABSTRACT: A micropropagation protocol of Syngonium podophyllum is proposed in this paper including details of plant sterilization, meristem culture, multiplication stages and acclimatization. The role of mineral composition, vitamin formula and hormone balance on morphogenetic responses like callusogenesis and shoot and root formation are analyzed and discussed.