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Marc Gibernau, C. Favre, Thierry Talou, C. Raynaud Floral odor of Arum italicum (Buy)
 ABSTRACT: Volatile compounds emitted by the appendix of Arum italicum Mill. in the South of France were analysed. Three chemotypes were found. The first was rich in fatty acid derivatives (about 75%) but was found in only one individual and needs to be confirmed. A second profile (4 individuals) showed a high proportion (57-84% of the blend) of monoterpenes (~-citronellene and 3,7-dimethyl-1-octene, its reduced chemical form). The third profile (2 individuals sampled twice) was rich 09- 85% of the blend) in sesquiterpenes, particularly two isomers ('Y and ~) of caryophyllene. Moreover p-cresol and 2-heptanone were also present in the blend. Further work is needed to resolve whether these odor differences are different chemotypes of Arum italicum, temporal variation during the flowering season or analytical and experimental biases.