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Thomas B. Croat, Keith Lee, Whitney Wodstrchill, Carla V. Kostelac New Species of Anthurium (Araceae) from South America (Buy)
 ABSTRACT: Eleven new species of Anthurium (Araceae) are described as new: Anthurium apiaense Croat, A. aylwardianum Croat, A. benktsparrei Croat, A. bicordoense Croat, A. diversicaudex Croat, A. mapiriense Croat, A. molaui Croat, A. porcesitoense Croat, A. punkuyocense Croat, A. riojaense Croat, and A. straminopetiolum Croat. All are members of section Cardiolonchium, except two of the species, A. bicordoense and A. porcesitoense, which are members of section Xialophyllum. Five of the new species are from Peru but A. apiaense, A. bicordoense and A. porcesitoense are from Colombia and A. benktsparrei, A. diversicaudex and A. molaui from Ecuador.