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Wilbert L. A. Hetterscheid, Dilip De Sarker Notes on Amorphophallus (Araceae)--9. Amorphophallus ({Plesmonium) margaritifer (Roxb.) Kunth in profile (Buy)
 ABSTRACT: In 1993, the second author was able to collect living specimens of this most interesting species of Amorphophallus and donated material for cultivation to Kew and to the first author. The Kew material was kindly sent to the first author for cultivation and flowered in 1995. This is the first time ever that living material of this species could be studied and documented. The results are presented here.
Dilip De Sarker, Wilbert L. A. Hetterscheid Notes on Amorphophallus (Araceae)
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 ABSTRACT: A recent collection of Amorphophallus margaritiferand its subsequent cultivation (Hetterscheid & De Sarker, 1996) made it possible to study some cytological details of this remarkable species. The species is widely known as Ptesmonium margaritij er (Roxb.) Schott but has been reclassified in Amorphophallus sect. Rhaphiophallus (Bogner et at., 1985; Hetterscheid et al., 1994). The present short communication reports the chromosome number of A. margaritifer and a comparison is made to other species of A. sect. Rhaphiophallus.