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Dan H. Nicholson Translation of Engler's classification of Araceae with updating (Buy)
 ABSTRACT: When Hooker (1883) was preparing the treatment of Araceae (Aroideae) for the monumental 'Genera Plantarum,' he basically followed the Schottian system, incorporating Engler's (1879) reduction in the number of genera. The first system was "popularized" by Hutchinson (1959) who, with a reversal of the sequence (bisexual genera first), published essentially an English translation of Hooker's latin. Engler (1905-1920), in his monumental 'Das Pflanzenreich', produced his final treatment of the family, including all then known species in nine volumes. This work remains the standard reference for the family as a whole.
F. D. Ghani Ornamental and edible aroids of peninsular Malaysia (Buy)
 ABSTRACT: Most aroids are widely distributed in the tropics and subtropics with a few species in temperate regions. The majority occur in the countries of South East Asia, South and Central America, Africa and the West Indies. The family has a total of 110 genera and ca. 2500 species (Croat, 1979), 92% of which are in South East Asia and Central and South America. In Malaysia alone there are 23 native genera and about 120 species (Henderson, 1954).
Thomas B. Croat, Nancy Lambert The Araceae of Venezuela (Buy Back Issue)
 ABSTRACT: An illustrated treatment of 171 Venezuelan Araceae taxa is provided. Discussion of range, species characteristics and distinction from similar or closely related species is made for each taxon. Sixteen species, three subspecies and one variety are described as new, and three new combinations are made.
Josef Bogner Morphological variation in aroids (Buy)
 ABSTRACT: The Araceae or aroid., are a large family of about 2400 species, grouped in 107 genera and these again in nine subfamilies. The aroids are mainly a tropical family and are distributed world-wide. They show great variation in their morphological characters, which will be described in this paper along with some other data.
Josef Bogner A new Typhonium species from Thailand (Buy)
 ABSTRACT: Typhonium albispathum Bogner, spec. nov. is described.
Thomas B. Croat Ecology and life forms of Araceae (Buy Back Issue)
 ABSTRACT: The most interesting aspect of the family's ecology is the diversity of adaptive life forms. These range from submerged to free-floating, and emergent aquatics to terrestrial plants and to epilithic or epiphytic forms which may be true epiphytes or hemiepiphytic (growing on trees but rooted in soil). Hemiepiphytism is diverse itself, with some species beginning their lives as terrestrial seedlings, then growing skototropically (toward darkness) until they arrive at the nearest suitable tree ( usually a relatively large one which casts a darker shadow) where a physiological change takes place allowing them to grow toward light (Strong & Ray, 1975). They grow as appressed epiphytes on trees or as vines in the canopy. Others begin their lives as true epiphytes, some reconverting to hemiepiphytes by producing long, dangling roots contacting the forest floor below.
Thomas B. Croat Ecology and life forms of Araceae: A follow-up
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 ABSTRACT: This paper deals with new information concerning the ecology and life forms of Araceae that has come to light since the publication of "Ecology and Life Forms of Araceae," in Aroideana Volume 11 (3-4). 1988 (990). Also included are corrected errors in that article.
Julius O. Boos, Hans E. Boos Additions to the aroid flora of Trinidad with notes on their probable origins and uses (Buy)
 ABSTRACT: These notes are based on collections and observations commencing in July 1988, when the senior author visited his homeland. They document recent discoveries of both native and introduced species of aroids and attempt where possible to explain reasons for some of the introductions.
Gitte Peterson Chromosome numbers of the genera Araceae (Buy)
 ABSTRACT: An overview of the chromosome numbers of the genera of Araceae is given.
 Anonymous Errata
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Van Du Nguyen, Thomas B. Croat A new species of Typhonium (Araceae) from Vietnam (Buy)
 ABSTRACT: The paper describes a single new species of Typhonium, T. buense Nguyen Van Dzu & Croat. It is believed to be endemic to Vietnam. The principle author, Nguyen Van Dzu, has been engaged in studies of the Araceae of Vietnam for several years; he conducted field work with the second author in Vietnam in 1995. A recent collection of Typhonium made by the principle author has proven to be new to science.
Thomas B. Croat History and current status of systemic research with Araceae (Buy Back Issue)
 ABSTRACT: This paper will cover all systematic and floristic work that deals with Araceae which is known to me. It will not, in general, deal with agronomic papers on Araceae such as the rich literature on taro and its cultivation, nor will it deal with smaller papers of a technical nature or those dealing with pollination biology. It will include review papers on technical subjects and all works, regardless of their nature, of current aroid researchers. It is hoped that other reviews will be forthcoming which will cover separately the technical papers dealing with anatomy, cytology, physiology, palenology, and other similar areas and that still another review will be published on the subject of pollination biology of Araceae and the rich literature dealing with thermogenesis.
Wilbert L. A. Hetterscheid, Peter C. Boyce A reclassification of Sauromatum Schott and new species of Typhonium Schott (Araceae) (Buy)
 ABSTRACT: The generic status of Sauromatum is discussed and as a result it is merged into Typhonium, resulting in two new combinations. Additionally, two new species of Typhonium are described.
Wilbert L. A. Hetterscheid, Van Du Nguyen Three new species of Typhonium (Araceae) from Vietnam (Buy)
 ABSTRACT: Three new species of Typhonium (T. bachmaense, T. lineare and T. penicillatum) are described from Vietnam.
Wilbert L. A. Hetterscheid, D. Sookchaloem, Jin Murata Typhonium (Araceae) of Thailand: New species and a revised key (Buy)
 ABSTRACT: Seventeen new species of Typhonium (T. adnatum, T. digitatum, T. echinulatum, T. gallowayi, T. gagnepainii, T. glaucum, T. griseum, T. medusae, T. orb! folium, T. pedunculatum, T. pusillum, T. reflexum, T. saraburiensis, T. subglobosum, T. tentaculatum, T. varians and T. bognerianum) are described from Thailand. A key to all Thai Typhonium is presented. Province coding follows the flora of Thailand format.
Wilbert L. A. Hetterscheid, Alan Galloway New Typhonium. (Araceae) species from Thailand (Buy)
 ABSTRACT: Three new species of the Araceae genus Typhonium are described. They were discovered among material in long -standing living collections. A correction to the key published in Hetterscheid et al. (2001) is provided. Typhonium conchiforme, T. sinhabaedyai and T. tubispathum.