Prof. Dr. M. Sivadasan

Department of Botany
University of Calicut
Calicut University P.O.
673 635, Kerala,India

Phone: 091-494-2401144 extn. 406, 407 (

I’m currently professor at the Univeristy of Calicut (India), I’m also Head of the Department of Botany and of the Chair of Taxonomy. My Area of Specialization is Plant Taxonomy and Biodiversity and I have a special interest in Aroids. I’ve been working on Araceae for the last 32 years. I have discovered and described many new Aroid species particularly from India among them : Typhonium blumei Nicolson et Sivadasan, Arisaema muricaudatum Sivadasan, Amorphophallus nicolsonianus Sivadasan, Arisaema agasthyanum Sivadasan et Sathish, Amorphophallus bonaccordensis Sivadasan et Mohanan, Lagenandra keralensis Sivadasan et Jaleel...