Aroid-L Electronic Newsletter

Aroid-L is a free international forum to promote the exchange of information on growing, collecting, and reproducing aroids. The primary purpose of Aroid-L is to enable enthusiasts to easily and quickly communicate with each other via the Internet. Featured are show announcements, book reviews, papers from subscribers, and discussion. Since the list is affiliated with the International Aroid Society, we will post announcements and other communications from the Society as well.

There are no dues nor fees of any kind. Subscribers need only an Internet e-mail address through services provided by schools, libraries, businesses or commercial Internet Service Providers such as AOL, Compuserve or any of the smaller regional ISP's.

Aroid-L is moderated by Steve Marak. The moderator filters out extraneous messages and other items that do not belong on Aroid-L; some communcations do not aid the dialog and may belong on another list. As the moderator, Steve will not alter the substance of anyone's post. However, the subject line may be changed to facilitate ease of searching the log.

Contributions may vary in length. Please sign your name and e-mail address to each post. Aroid-L asks all subscribers to abide by appropriate copyright and intellectual property conventions and laws.


TO POST A MESSAGE TO AROID-L: After you have successfully subscribed to Aroid-L, send your message to: Enter a subject relative to the content of your posting on the subject line. This is important for searching the monthly logs for messages relating to a specific subject.

TO SEARCH THE ARCHIVES OF AROID-L: maintains an archives of Aroid-L from December, 1996, to the present. You can search the archives by subject for each month of postings, or for the entire archive index.

The archives are also now available in a searchable forum format on the IAS website here.

Please send all questions regarding Aroid-L to: Steve Marak.