Xth Aroid Conference

Nancy, France - July 2009

The following are presentations from the 10th Aroid Conference in Nancy, France in July of 2009. Although the index is freely available, you will need to login in order to view the presentations - they are available to IAS members and attendees only. You can use the same login as for the newsletter and members area, or if you are a conference attendee who is not a member of the IAS, you will receive a username and password combination by e-mail. If you have any problems, please do not hesitate to mail Albert Huntington to have them resolved.

Please note that these slides are for your private enjoyment and may not be reproduced except with written permission of the authors.

The files are around 5MB in size with the exception of Dr. Tom Croat's encyclopedic presentation on the IAS, which is closer to 25MB. Download with a fast connection is recommended.

Of particular interest to aroiders will be:

  • Dr. Croat's history of the IAS with many pictures of personalities over the years.
  • Wilbert Hetterscheid's synthesis of Amorphophallus
  • Niels Jacobsen on Cryptocoryne
  • Various items from Day 2 on Horticulture

The majority of the presentations have many nice photographs to accompany the research - it's not a difficult read, and most have some interest for both the scientific and non-scientific audience.

Finally - if you are not a member of the IAS, or if your membership has lapsed, please consider joining for access to this content and much more on the members page, our journal Aroideana, and our quarterly newsletters. It's easy to join online, and your dues help support aroid research and education.

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Day 1

 Peter Boyce
Araceae for the Flora of Thailand
 Pedro Diaz Jimenez, Maria de los Angeles Guadarrama Olivera
Preliminary List of Araceae in the state of Tabasco, Mexico
 Thomas B. Croat
Araceae of the Guianas
 Wong Sin Yeng
Changing Concepts in the Schismatoglottid Aliance
 Niels Jacobsen et. al.
Variation and the evolution in the genus Cryptocoryne ( Araceae )
 Li Heng, Ji Yunheng
Endemism of Araceae in China
 Nguyen Van Du
Some New Discoveries of Araceae in Indochina
 Peter Boyce
Perspectives on the Aracea of Sunda: What do we really know?
 Melanie Medecilo
The Current Status of Phillipine Araceae
 Thomas B. Croat
Review of Monographic and Revisionary Studies with Neotropical Araceae
 Thomas B. Croat
Araceae of Central America

Day 2

 Geoffrey Kibby
Growing Aroids in the UK
 K.S. Patil et. al.
Biodiversity conservation of critically rare, endangered and endimic Cryptocoryne cognata, Schott. from India
 David Scherberich
The Aroid Collection of the Jardin Botanique de Lyon
 Kit Strange
Cultivation of temperate Aroids
 Genevičve Ferry
The Araceae collection of Nancy Botanical Garden
 Denis Barabé
Scientific research in botanic gardens: the Araceae
 Ahmad Sofiman Othman et. al.
Cryptocoryne elliptica, Genetic Analysis
 Marcelo Sellaro
Horticulture of Tropical Aroids at Kew
 Thomas B. Croat
The International Aroid Society: History of its founding and its role in Research with Araceae

Day 3

 Hasan Akan
The genus Biarum Schott in Turkey
 Marion Chartier
Different geographical variation patterns of floral odours and pollinators in two Arum species
 Anita Diaz
Femme Fatal: The Benefit and Cost of Trap Pollination
 Pierre Dizengremel
Role of Spadix Respiration in Araceae Pollination
 Anahi Espindola and Nadir Alvarez
Biogeography of Arum maculatum pollinators
 Heiko Hentrich and Gerhard Gottsberger
Floral scent as isolation factor in three sympatric euglossine-pollinated Araceae species
 Wilbert Hetterscheid & Cyrille Claudel
20 years of Amorphophallus ( and what it does to you...... )
 Artur Campos Dália Maia & Clemens Schlindwein
Taccarum ulei ( Spathicarpeae, Araceae), an unexpected cantharophilous aroid
 Maria de Lourdes C. Soares Morais and Simon J. Mayo
Morphometrics of leaf outlines in Heteropsis ( Araceae ) using Elliptic Fourier Analysis
 Natalie Cusimano, Simon J. Mayo, Josef Bogner
Progress in the phylogeny and classification of the Araceae