Studies on Schismatoglottideae (Araceae) of Borneo XXIX - Piptospatha manduensis - The Ultimate Aroid Calciphile?
Fig. 1. Schismatoglottis monoplacenta M.Hotta. A. Plants in habitat on karst limestone formations en route to Clearwater Cave, Mulu N.P., Sarawak. B. Detail of plants growing on bare limestone. C. Limestone deposits (dark green leaf blades, owing to algae growing on the limestone coating) as compared with a newly expanded (bright green leaf blade, centre) leaf. Plants in cultivation retain bright green leaf blades. D. Detail of leaf tip (abaxial view), showing the pronounced drip-tip (ca. 1.5 cm long) and the conspicuous pellucid veins. E. Inflorescence at pistillate anthesis. F. Spadix at pistillate anthesis (spathe artificially removed). G. Inflorescence at staminate anthesis, just after pollen release. The strings of pollen are clearly visible on the fertile (staminate) portion of the spadix. Note that the spathe limb has discoloured by the onset of staminate anthesis. CG from P.C.Boyce et al. AR-1966. All images © Peter C. Boyce.