by Ted Held

Cryptocoryne Roots

Cryptocoryne griffithi. Middle aged (younger) root, 140X, showing a more elongated cell pattern than seen in the older root section and which shows a rougher surface by the more pronounced rope structures along the surface. The size of the cells in this picture can be seen to be larger, on average, than the same surface cells in the older root section. The structure of the root may also be more watery, as evidenced by the wavy large scale contours. It is believed these are a feature of desiccation of the root during sample preparation. As Cryptocoryne roots age they become stronger and more "woody".

Middle aged viable root of Cryptocoryne at 140 X magnification.
Aroid SEM Home Page. Green older Cryptocoryne root, 1000 X magnification. Middle aged viable root section, 1000 X magnification.
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