by Ted Held

Cryptocoryne Raphides

A part of a cross section of the aroid Cryptocoryne usteriana. The cross section was made from the "stem" section of this plant, which is a thickened part of the crown to which leaves are or have been attached in the past. What can be seen is the overall cell pattern and several bundles of stick-like items that are probably raphides. The size and shape of the needles conform to published raphide descriptions. It is believed that the larger cell opening on the left side of the picture is the original receptacle for the raphide bundle that spews to the right. The whole cross section contains many such bundles of needles. The large cellular pores are scattered across the profile, absent only in the epidermal cells.

Detatiled image of Cryptocoryne raphides.
Aroid SEM Hom Page. Green older section of Cryptocoryne root at 1000 X magnification. Cryptocoryne Starch Grains
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