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Amorphophallus konjac K. Koch


Origin of the plants in the photos: W. Hetterscheid's collection, ID#H.AM.248, H.AM.249, H.AM 304, and H.AM.348

All these are reasonably "standard issues" of A.konjac, with slight variations. The H.AM. 348 has very small spots on the stem, and H.AM.304 has very small leaves.

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Top view of A.konjac, grown from a 1 year old offset.
Side view of the same plant.
Here, it is shown (on the right) in comparison with its "Black Stem" variant (on the left). The latter is a 2-year old and slighlty larger. The compound leaf is much denser than the normal A. konjac
Comparison of petiole patterns. The one on the left is from H.AM.348.

I waited too long with describing these photos, and both plants shown to the right have gone dormant before I had a chance to identify which was which.

A comparison of the growth habits of two specimens. The one on the left (H.AM. 304) has exceptionally small leaflets; the one on the right is more normal,

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